Business Description

FBNAfrica is a broadcasting, production and distribution company that plans to establish Africa's first inter-continental television network. The core business includes commercial Radio and Television Network broadcasting and Internet Services.

The company intends to produce, co-produce, acquire and distribute television programming specifically intended for the diverse African and foreign viewing markets. Through sophisticated satellite telecommunications, FBNAfrica will broadcast entertainment, news, business, cultural and educational programming to the world's fastest growing market for broadcast television.

FBNAfrica provides companies in Africa with a medium to advertise and promote their products and services effectively and cost efficiently. FBNAfrica's priority is first and foremost to provide excellent entertainment and educational programmes to its audience.

The firm is composed of a team of professionals who have an impressive list of accomplishments in broadcast and cable television to implement plans and achieve its objectives. By leveraging their talents, creativity, specialized knowledge, and commitment to excellence, FBNAfrica relies on a solid foundation for future development.

FBNAfrica is an organization that is socially and ethically responsive to the marketplace it serves, thus providing programmes aimed at improving the educational, social, cultural and political environments within Africa.

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