Company History

Foisi Broadcasting Network, Inc. (FBNAfrica) was incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA, in 1994. However, the concept of a Pan-Africa broadcast network was conceived through a term paper written by Dr. Aaron Foisi Nmungwun, the founder, Chairman and CEO of Foisi Broadcasting Network, Inc. in 1980. He shared this vision with his partners, Engr. Waribo Nick Adasi-Efuya and Mrs. Halima Adasi; and jointly, they worked tirelessly to actualize this dream.
Disappointed as Dr. Nmungwun was at the outcome of his research at the time, the study pointed to a flourishing broadcast market in Africa some two decades later when democracy and open markets would be introduced to Africa. Prior to this time, free elections were hard to come by on the African continent, and most African markets were not as open as they are today.

For this reason, the Board of FBNAfrica concluded that it was not yet time to launch this worthwhile venture. His prediction started to materialize with South Africa's first free election in 1994. With the execution of free elections in South Africa in 1994, and Nigeria in 1999, FBNAfrica conducted another study that pointed to a steady growth in commercial broadcast market throughout Africa. There is now every reason to believe that we now have a robust market as over 80% of the world's Fortune 500 companies have established branch offices throughout Africa.

Over the years, Dr. Nmungwun, partners, and his associates canvassed and networked among various African grassroots organizations, business leaders and governments in Africa, presenting to them the concept of a Pan-African broadcasting network. Reactions from these various groups have been optimistic. The general consensus is that such a venture is a necessity in Africa, as the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Beginning in Nigeria with Foisi Broadcasting Network Nigeria Limited, FBNAfrica will expand into all 53 Africa countries in phases. The Nigerian phase was registered in June 2006. This will be followed by the South African phase and a gradual rollout into other countries.

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