Company Overview

FBNAfrica’s vision is vertically integrated as a major program developer; major market station owner/operator; and global network advertising player.

Africa can only become an oasis of stability and a zone of sustainable prosperity if businesses have access to sound and reliable financial and political information, which would enable them to improve their services, product development, manufacturing and supply. More importantly, all this needs to be done efficiently and rapidly; with modern, up-to-date systems and methodologies.

 Company Vision

FBNAfrica aims to contribute to improving standards within the African environment to assist in the prosperity of individuals, companies and the continent as a whole.

 Company Mission

FBNAfrica Exists for the purpose of:

· Improving Africa economically, socially, politically, and culturally
· Promoting a Pan African link between Africa and the Diaspora
· Enhancing a better understanding of Africa abroad
· Supporting the emergence of African perspective on others worldwide

Our Core Values

FBNAfrica strives to be a major voice that speaks to the entire African continent and to the Diaspora. By providing a unique voice for Africa at home and in the international community, FBNAfrica will be an influential force that enhances Africa’s image, thus eliminating the many stereotypes attached to the continent.

FBNAfrica puts great emphasis on quality entertainment, technology, informational & educational content and programming. Our standards will be equal to, and in many cases, supersede those produced in the West.

We feel it is our responsibility to create an environment that helps to advance Africa economically, socially, politically and culturally.

Operational Philosophy
Although excellence is at the core of the FBNAfrica operational philosophy, as a company, we value creativity, flexibility and innovation. The FBNAfrica leadership team is comprised of successful executives that adhere to these values and to the company’s basic principles that people are our greatest asset and that our No.1 job is to serve our viewing audience.

Our Approach

FBNAfrica’s strategy is to reach an as-yet untapped African viewer market with a combination of original Afro-centric programming and over-the-air broadcasting by owned-and-operated stations in major African markets that pick up network feeds via satellite and distribute them via terrestrial. This strategy is uniquely suited to the challenges of distributing radio and television network programming across vast distances in the absence of well-established cable and home-satellite infrastructure.

FBNAfrica sees itself as being in the business of promoting and expanding entrepreneur's business environment. By defining our company in this way, we have identified possible new areas of humanitarian services such as reducing poverty on the continent.

With a solid foundation of skills, talent and technology, FBNAfrica is able to deliver services of the highest quality with the following fundamental programming characteristics:

· Higher quality transmission of images and sound
· Creative and quality programmes
· High standards established for programme content
· Unbiased reporting of news and current events
· Educational and socially responsible programming

Our Responsibility for Africa

FBNAfrica was established to bring assistance to major segments of the African society. FBNAfrica takes the position that, while the company will serve the community well on a social and educational basis, it will also provide many Africans with major economic and business opportunities. FBNAfrica provides many benefits for all Africans. In fact, the similarities between FBNAfrica's goals and objectives developed in the 1990s are consistent and supportive with those of the African Union developed some years later. Here are some of the contributions that our company will make to the entire African continent:

· Providing direct employment to over 30,000 Africans and more than
  100,000 indirect jobs throughout Africa over the course of the
   next ten years

· Promoting freedom of speech and freedom of the Press in Africa

· Promoting and enhancing culture and using culture to foster peace
  and unity in Africa

· Promoting unity and solidarity across the African continent

· Promoting anti-corruption and good governance across Africa

· Providing a voice for Africa in the international community

· Improving Africa's literacy rate by providing quality educational

· Improving Africa's political environment by encouraging dialogues
  between African countries

· Improving quality of life in Africa by reporting on major issues that
  affect all Africans

· Reinstating ethnic, socio-cultural pride back to Africans

· Utilizing broadcast media to co-ordinate and intensify co-operation
   among African  member states

· Sustaining educational campaigns in the fight of HIV/AIDS prevention
   and other epidemics

· Generating a respectable return on investment for its investors.

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